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Once upon billions of years ago, the earth was once a landscape of wonder and mystery, shrouded in the beauty of flora and fauna beyond which we mere humans cannot conceive. Amongst the unscathed earth, 5 nations came to be in the light of 5 elements that made up the universe as we know it today. As the legend goes, these nations harnessed the elements of Life, Death, Divinity, Consciousness and Pain, all of which were said to be pieces of what made up the Creator himself. Leading these nations were designated guardians, godsent to protect each nation from turmoil, but the urge for discovery surpassed the peace that they swore oath to protect. As the 5 Guardians, you shall all depart across the lands of Pre-Terra in search for a greater power, the one that will grant you the power of the Creator of the New World. 

Pre-Terra: The Legacy of the Guardians, is a turn based storytelling board game that is currently in development as a hybrid board game, played between a mobile app and traditional game pieces. The game allows players to enjoy a personal experience associated to the choices they make and the events that occur around them, while given a variety of winning conditions to choose from. The objective of this game is to provide a foundation of events, environments, characters and weapons for players to interact with, while they take control of the narrative flow of the game and adapt to a unique QR system for a modern way to play. From the powers they uniquely possess, to the respective choices they make, right down to the construction of their playing board, the world of Pre-Terra becomes the player's own legacy that rewrites their place in its history.

Though it is currently being conceived as such, Pre-Terra also takes a narrative form, contributing to its potential of becoming literary content, animated content and as an adventure videogame.  

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